Ugarit Journal of Economics, Management and IT

Ugarit Journal of Economics, Management and IT, a semi-annual coherent peer-reviewed journal; it works on publishing the inherent economic researches that dealing with the economic issues in the Arab Orient countries.

The Journal is concerned with attracting the meaningful scientific researches according to the commonplace researching academic norms to be conveyed to the broad knowledge space. It urges the researchers, academics and experts to work on the publication of their research aimed at bridging the knowledge gap in economic issues in the Arab Orient countries. The Journal serves to studies and researches specialized in the economic and administrative issues in the Arab Orient countries, Middle East countries and the experiments of the EU countries with the ability to utilize of them in the Arab Orient countries.

 Publications can be accepted in one of the following fields:

  • Innovative researches
  • Recapitulation of postgraduate thesis
  • Auditing Research
  • Critical display of Specialization Books.

 Publishing Rules:

  • The Journal is published twice a year, knowing that it is possible to issue peculiar versions highlighted specific cognitive areas.
  •  Accept researches written in English and Arabic.
  • Works submitted to arbitration are to be presented in front of two researchers at least – and the employer is to be notified by acceptance, arbitration’s remarks or the necessity to review.
  • Works previously published or submitted for publication in another place do not be accepted.

 The Journal hopes through this approach to occupy a prominent position among the scientific circulars and be part of the prestigious international databases.