Ugarit Academy of Science and Technology

In the light of the status quo, many young people have been deprived of the opportunity to obtain the university education. Accordingly, the center aims to establish an academic institution working to offer the free Virtual Education. In the near future, the center hopes to initiate Ugarit Academy for Sciences and Technology within the virtual environment in order to provide academic programs of high quality level, in both Arabic and English languages with an attempt to provide many academic programs in the languages of the other Middle East countries such as Turkey, Persian and Kurdish. However, the center believes that it is hard to build well-developed economics in the Arab Levant countries irrespective of the rehabilitation of the young caders by the education and appropriate qualification.

About Ugarit Academy of Scince and Technology

  • Ugarit Academy is a non-profit institution aims to help people who like to continue their education.
  • All study programs in the university will be available in Arabic or English, but the ‎university aims to develop some courses in Turkish, Persian and ‎Kurdish in the near future
  • The Academy is a non- political independent teaching community which does not ‎adopt any religious arguments, ideas or any private beliefs. The university believes ‎deeply in the role of science in empowering the communities.
  • We are pleased to receive CV for researchers and professors who like to volunteer with Ugarit Academy.




Photo: "Entrance To The Palace" by Michael Reeve