An Analytical Descriptive Study of the Achievements of United Arab Emirates in Light of the Indicators of the Global Competitiveness Report

The main objectives of this study are: to characterize the UAE’s main indicators in the Global Competitiveness Report for the span of (2010-2016), to conduct An Analytical Descriptive Study of the figures that reflect the achievements of UAE during the study period, and to analyze the results that may contribute to the development of the new strategic policy of UAE. The most important findings of this study are: The achievements of UAE were result of the availability of three basic factors: a distinctive economic planning based on a strategic vision aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of the economy of UAE, availability of resources and necessary financial and economic possibilities, and enabling the competitiveness in the institutions of UAE. UAE is still belated in some pillars in terms of the global ranking, these pillars are: health and primary education, higher education and training, market size, in addition to the indicator of judicial independence.

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