Majdi Abdalaziz

Research Assistant

I am Majdi Abdulaziz, based in Amman, Jordan. My educational background is master degree in Conflict Resolution with an excellent grade from the University of Jordan, 2017. My bachelor degree in Pharmacy, 2007.I have 10 years’ experience in pharmaceutical marketing, particularly in design marketing plan based on market analysis and to enhance pharmaceutical sales.  I worked as a researcher with many NGOs and research centers in Jordan. At that moment, I started to find my passion in the political researches and realize how much effect it does have on our lives, especially in our Arab and Middle Eastern countries. So that, I started to work as a research assistant and to develop my research skills, besides it motivated me to continue my master degree.My research interest is the conflict resolution and strategic thinking, especially in regard to the Game theory implication which will be my proposal for Ph.D.

Sarra Ben salem


Research Assistant

Sarra Ben Salem earned a first-class MSc in investment analysis from the University of Stirling, United Kingdom where she received the Karen Napier academic excellence scholarship. She is currently employed at the ministry of investment development and international cooperation, Tunisia where she is working on developing new investment approaches to create economic and social change. Sarra has an in-depth knowledge of financial markets and alternative investments, economic and accounting principles and practices, Banking and the analysis and reporting of financial and economic data.

Furthermore, being aware of the importance of her social role, she has been actively engaged in community change and improvement actions and she is currently working towards establishing a nonprofit organization in Tunisia that promotes women’s economic empowerment through continuous education and Social Enterprise.


Taoufik Mouhou


Taoufik MOUHOU is currently an IP consultant at JAH CO. IP in Qatar and a freelance translator. He post graduated from Cadi Ayyad university, Marrakech, Morocco, with a master degree in “Translation Technology and Specialized Translation” in 2017. He obtained a bachelor degree in “Multilingual Specialized Translation” and a bachelor degree in English studies from Sultan Moulay Slimane University, Beni Mellal, Morocco. His experience, which focuses mainly on translation, varies between internships, volunteering and translation freelancing. He is a co-founder of the English Cultural Club, which fosters the learning of the English language in the area of Khouribga city, Morocco. Taoufik’s interest is promoting the scientific research in the field of economic sciences in Arab Orient region through translation.


Jamile Youssef

Research Assistant

I hold a M.A. degree in Applied Economics, from the Lebanese American University in Beirut, my thesis titled was “Effect of Monetary Policy on Real Estate Prices in Lebanon”. I have worked as Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant for two years and have been involved in several researches about Lebanon. My topics of interest are Migration, Level of Happiness, and Real Estate Market, Unemployment Rate in the Arab World and Training & development. I volunteered in ECESAO because I believe there is a lack in research and data in the Middle-East countries and especially in Lebanon and I would love to be a part in booming the research field in this area, and be involved in high quality researches which is policy oriented and relevant.

Sameh Mansour

Academic Affairs Coordinator

Sameh Mansour is a student at the faculty of Economics and Political Sciences, Economics department, the British University in Egypt. He is one of LSP scholars that have been recognized for their academic excellence and awarded a full scholarship empowered by the United Agency for International Development (USAID) and supervised by the International Institute of Education (IIE).

Besides his work in ECESAO, Sameh is a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum and a Co-Founder at Youth Action for Green Economy Initiative. Additionally, a writer and editor at the Egyptian Researchers Initiative.

Sameh aspires to be a global Development Economist; he wants to take economics out of the lab and into the field to discover the causes of the world’s biggest challenges such as poverty, and the means to eradicate it.