Hind Shalfeh

Website Manager

Hind Shalfeh is a Software Engineer who got her bachelor degree in 2016 from Tishreen University (Syria), Faculty of Informatics Engineering, she has experience in Web Development, System Analysis and Automation.
She has worked in an NGO (Caritas Syria ) as a social worker/ IT Assistant and got promoted to IT & Data manager then analyzed the system and developed a C# desktop application for Latakia office.
Hind believes giving back is key to a meaningful life – a tenet she lives out through her volunteering in an NGO (Oussret Alikhaa) in Latakia, as an English teacher for children with cerebral palsy, also volunteered as a System Analyst ,a PHP developer for LookinMena initiative where she developed a wordpress plugin (Admins Post Statistics).
All of Hind’s voluntary work has one primary aim, which is to help build society. Her personal attitude conveys kindness and warmth.
She has a degree of certified excellence in Communication Skills awarded by the European Training Center in Budapest (Hungary).
She is fueled by her passion for Artificial Intelligence Technologies, her graduation project was “Iris Recognition System Using Neural Networks”, hoping to pursue her master’s degree in Germany soon.
Hind is currently working as a freelance web developer and learning German, in addition to four languages she already knows Arabic, English, French and a little bit Japanese.