Majdi Abdalaziz


Research Assistant

I am Majdi Abdulaziz, based in Amman, Jordan. My educational background is master degree in Conflict Resolution with an excellent grade from the University of Jordan, 2017. My bachelor degree in Pharmacy, 2007.I have 10 years’ experience in pharmaceutical marketing, particularly in design marketing plan based on market analysis and to enhance pharmaceutical sales.  In 2010, I was engaged in voluntary work with the Middle East studies center-Amman, Jordan- by assisting the center in conducting Seminars and conferences. At that moment, I started to find my passion in the political researches and realize how much effect it does have on our lives, especially in our Arab and Middle Eastern countries. So that, I started to work as a research assistant and to develop my research skills, besides it motivated me to continue my master degree.My research interest is the conflict resolution and strategic thinking, especially in regard to the Game theory implication which will be my proposal for Ph.D.

Taha Al Obaydi


IT Associate

Taha is currently the IT Associate at Benghazi University Business Incubator, Libya. He received his BCs in Networks and Communication Engineering from the College of IT, University of Benghazi. He has also worked as a Head of information technology management at LCUMS University, Founder at Tokyo IT Company .
He has a long experience in software programming and Development. He currently working on a smart agriculture system to solve the agriculture problems and Achieving sustainable development goals through technology.

  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/taha-bubaker-209664112

Hind Shalfeh


Website Manager


Hind Shalfeh is a Software Engineer who got her bachelor degree in 2016 from Tishreen University (Syria), Faculty of Informatics Engineering, she has experience in Web Development, System Analysis and Automation.
She has worked in an NGO (Caritas Syria ) as a social worker/ IT Assistant and got promoted to IT & Data manager then analyzed the system and developed a C# desktop application for Latakia office.
Hind believes giving back is key to a meaningful life – a tenet she lives out through her volunteering in an NGO (Oussret Alikhaa) in Latakia, as an English teacher for children with cerebral palsy, also volunteered as a System Analyst ,a PHP developer for LookinMena initiative where she developed a wordpress plugin (Admins Post Statistics).
All of Hind’s voluntary work has one primary aim, which is to help build society. Her personal attitude conveys kindness and warmth.
She has a degree of certified excellence in Communication Skills awarded by the European Training Center in Budapest (Hungary).
She is fueled by her passion for Artificial Intelligence Technologies, her graduation project was “Iris Recognition System Using Neural Networks”, hoping to pursue her master’s degree in Germany soon.
Hind is currently working as a freelance web developer and learning German, in addition to four languages she already knows Arabic, English, French and a little bit Japanese.



Ala Al Qararha


Women Economic Empowerment Assistant

Ala Qararha got her Bachelor degree from University of Jordan, Department of foreign languages, in French language and literature.

Previously she worked as parliamentarian assistant at The Parliament of Jordan, with the National Democratic Institute, for now she is a volunteer with European Center for Economic Studies of the Arab Orient as a women economic empowerment assistant.

She had an experience in the community and voluntary work with number of NGO’s in Jordan. Also she has many certificates in gender and women empowerment.

  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/ala-qararha-53a52852/

Hala Alqudah


Admin Assistant

Hala Alqudah, born in 1993, Nationality of Jordanians, Lives in Jordan. Geotechnical engineer at Arab Center for Engineering Studies-ACES, Presented two seminars at ACES one about the mosul dam which is located in Iraq country and the other seminar about renewable energy in general and in particular about wind farms projects. Graduated from Hashemite University- Jordan, Specialzing in civil engineering with excellent GPA. Certificated in design using: PROKON, STAAD and Revit program, Skilled in AutoCAD, Microsoft office and Prezi presentation software, Characterized by diligent work. Attended several of workshops in field of human development. Volunteer at Raqi initiative for recycling of papers. Aspiring to a better and prosperous Arab countries in the future. Believing that nothing impossible, Self-Motiviated, Positive attitude, Lovers of reading, Lovers to learn, Encouraging to do what you love until you be creative.

Bibi Mahmoud Ashour


Women Economic Empowerment Assistant

Bibi Mahmoud Ashour, a Kuwaiti citizen, and a PhD student in sociology at Sharjah University. Bibi has a  a master degree in applied sociology with a distinction of excellence from the Sharjah University. The subject of the Master thesis was “The marriage of Kuwaiti’s women from foreigners”. She has a higher diploma in public administration with a distinction of excellence from university of Kuwait, the same university from which she got her bachelor’s degree in social sciences. Bibi is a member of the board of a civil society organization dedicated to spreading the culture of tolerance, social coexistence, non-violence and discrimination. She participated in several conferences in social sciences and training courses in development programs for effective management and leadership, in addition to programs for empowering work in civil work organizations. She is highly interested in the idea of empowering women in leadership and decision-making positions.

For all the women of the world, be the star of your homeland, you are a strong giving person with high abilities. You met the challenges and achieved a lot and the path in front of you is clear to reach your homeland as a star” Baby Ashour

  • Linkedln:Bibi Ashour 

Omar Al Talafeeh


IT Associate

Omar Al-Talafeeh is currently studying his bachelor’s degree in computer science in information technology faculty at the University Of Petra. Just recently, he was selected to be the chairman of IEEE Petra University, he has a long experience in international work from working with Erasmus+ and United Nation Jordan and United Nation online, Omar has been an active volunteer for four years now, with his excellent skills in information technology he’s working with the team for ECESAO hoping to build a brighter future for the Arab Orient countries. Founding an academic dialogue milieu among researchers affiliated with countries of both Arab Orient and EU, in order to exchange knowledge, experiences and benefit from the results of the academic researchers.His past experience in working as a webmaster for IEEE Petra University and along with Phi for science institute as a PHP developer, he’s working with other candidates for ECESAO in the I.T department hoping to spread the objectives of ECESAO to the world.

  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/omar-al-talafeeh-omar1997/

Sarra Ben salem


Research Assistant

Sarra Ben Salem earned a first-class MSc in investment analysis from the University of Stirling, United Kingdom where she received the Karen Napier academic excellence scholarship. She is currently employed at the ministry of investment development and international cooperation, Tunisia where she is working on developing new investment approaches to create economic and social change. Sarra has an in-depth knowledge of financial markets and alternative investments, economic and accounting principles and practices, Banking and the analysis and reporting of financial and economic data.

Furthermore, being aware of the importance of her social role, she has been actively engaged in community change and improvement actions and she is currently working towards establishing a nonprofit organization in Tunisia that promotes women’s economic empowerment through continuous education and Social Enterprise.


Manal Jarabaa


Entrepreneurship Coordinator

I studied computer information system at alzaytonah university of Jordan have more than 7 years experience working in software Development as a developer of Oracle-Siebel.
I have obtained qualifications in Computer Skills through my previous work , I enjoy working with others,I am exceptionally organized
And I am passionate about the volunteering work and helping other people.

Tarteel Awad Gaden


Digital Marketing Assistant

Tarteel Awad earned a first-class BSc in Business Administration/ Marketing from the University of Khartoum in 2016. Just recently she got a full scholarship to study master in Marketing and Brand Management at İSTANBUL TİCARET ÜNİVERSİTESİ in Turkey. She has worked as an Assistant Officer in Sudan Encyclopedia Department at Sudan News Agency (SUNA) for one year.
Tarteel was one of the selected students for the exchange program to study in China for two weeks in 2015. She has also participated in the Second Women Forum – WOMENomics 2 – Sudan and presented a scientific article entitled “Women Entrepreneurship in Sudan, motivations and obstacles”.
Tarteel has a good experience in local voluntary work, and she is always seeking opportunities to work with people from different geographical areas. She believes that voluntary work offers the chance to give something back to the community and make a difference to the people around us. As well as it strongly contributes in building the pathway to her future.





Nayra Abdulfattah Mohammed Hashem


IT Assistant

Nayra from Yemen : I’m a graduated computer science and technology student of the year 2015. I developed myself and learned ‘android developing’ from 2014 until now.I did made many applications, some for customers and other for clients. Android developing for me is what define me.My ambition is to develop myself more and more in this field .

Laila Lahham


Project Assistant

Laila Lahham is currently the general manager of Technology Group LLC Company for construction and project management in Istanbul, Turkey. She is an executive assistant for ISDEN organization in Istanbul, which works for supporting SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) that were set by the United Nations. She worked as a project manager for the UNHCR (2014-2015) in Damascus, Syria. She is a professional project manager and trainer with PMP certificate from the American Project Management Institute. She is a management and quality consultant for many training centers in Istanbul. She earned her Master’s degree in Technology Management from the Syrian Virtual University and had the Bachelor degree in civil engineering from Damascus University. She supports the sustainability and development programs and her recent research was titled “The technology of recycling the concrete resulting from buildings demolition”. She prepared plans and studies for many construction, sustainable development and capacity building projects in many countries like Syria, Somalia, and Libya.

  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/laila-lahham-ma-pmp%C2%AE-26615429/

Taoufik Mouhou



Taoufik MOUHOU is currently an IP consultant at JAH CO. IP in Qatar and a freelance translator. He post graduated from Cadi Ayyad university, Marrakech, Morocco, with a master degree in “Translation Technology and Specialized Translation” in 2017. He obtained a bachelor degree in “Multilingual Specialized Translation” and a bachelor degree in English studies from Sultan Moulay Slimane University, Beni Mellal, Morocco. His experience, which focuses mainly on translation, varies between internships, volunteering and translation freelancing. He is a co-founder of the English Cultural Club, which fosters the learning of the English language in the area of Khouribga city, Morocco. Taoufik’s interest is promoting the scientific research in the field of economic sciences in Arab Orient region through translation.

  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/taoufik-mouhou-8351ba128/

Sara Nasrat


Adam Associate

Sara Nasrat is a Biomedcial Engineering graduate from the German Jordanian University, School of Applied Medical Sciences, with a focus on Bioinformatics and Computerized Image Processing after training in this field at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) during her time as an exchange student in Germany. This opportunity helped her develop an interest in contributing to research and development and publish a scientific article in an open source journal (Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering – a joint journal for Biomedical Engineering in VDE and the Austrian and Swiss Societies for Biomedical Engineering). Working later at a medical health magazine made her grow knowledge and interest in the wide and diverse field of administration. She believes that volunteering in ECESAO will give her the chance to offer the multidisciplinary skills she has gained and is still gaining, especially in economical sciences, which is an important part of the world with more power nowadays than ever before, needing attention and awareness from academics of as many majors as possible and those involved in the field.

Mubarak Mohammed Noor


HR Associate

Mubarak Mohammed Noor a young Sudanese, has more than five years of experience in the administration, executive, and voluntarism positions. Mubarak earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from the University of Khartoum. Now he is MSc student at Necmettin Erbakan University in Turkey. while, he is a volunteer as Innovation Spaces coordinator at Arab Innovation Network (AIN), as well as his position as HR Assistant at European Center for Economic Studies of the Arab Orient (ECESAO).Mubarak has a career experience in several sectors such as telecommunications, energy, banking, and hospitality, he worked as a professional employee in many positions like HR, quality and administrative development, supervision, coordination and product development.Mubarak has a passion towards volunteerism issues and community service, he works as a volunteer in many local and international organizations, and he is a co-founder for some community organizations and voluntary initiatives. Mubarak has a strong passion for empowerment youth.

  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/mubarak-mohammed-noor-ibrahim-6aa58788

Marwa Saadani 


Media Assistant

I’m Project Coordinator a ‎Youth’More . i got my License of Multimedia applies to art , i was a Communication Manager at Tunisian Association of Alternative Media in 2014 . I have experience in Enterprise creation and composition of promoters, I participated in the World Social Forum (press center and media). i was a volunteer at Young African Women in Leadership.

Jamile Youssef


Research Assistant

I hold a M.A. degree in Applied Economics, from the Lebanese American University in Beirut, my thesis titled was “Effect of Monetary Policy on Real Estate Prices in Lebanon”. I have worked as Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant for two years and have been involved in several researches about Lebanon. My topics of interest are Migration, Level of Happiness, and Real Estate Market, Unemployment Rate in the Arab World and Training & development. I volunteered in ECESAO because I believe there is a lack in research and data in the Middle-East countries and especially in Lebanon and I would love to be a part in booming the research field in this area, and be involved in high quality researches which is policy oriented and relevant.