Board of directors

Manaf Abbas 


Dr. Manaf Abbas is the Chairman of ‘Centre Interdisciplinaire des Recherches en Communication de Lyon’ (CIRCoL) in Lyon, France. He obtained two Ph.D. degrees with honors by University Lyon 2 in linguistics and translation, and in media and communication. He is a lecturer, participant in plenty of international conferences, and specialized in the mechanism of analyzing traditional and digital speech.; and he is interested in matters at communication area et digital era

Dr. Abbas worked as a university lecturer at Tishreen University, Syria in the period 2012-2015. Since 2016, he has worked as a lecturer and researcher at Lumière University Lyon 2.

Dr. Abbas is a member of plenty of research groups supported by the European Union in the field of media, communication, which cooperate with a number of European and International universities. His interested focuses on media and communication. Mainly, he works on issues related to cultural diversity, speech toward immigrants and refugees, and communication issue and Big-Data

Majdi Soubhi Arrif

Vice President and co-founder

Majdi Soubhi Arrif is an assistant professor of information and decision support systems at Al-Wataniya Private University, Hama, Syria. Before joining academia, he has worked as an accounting and finance expert in the industry of Fast-moving consumer goods. He has spent more than 10 years working in different countries in Arab Orient countries. Dr. Arrif was a member of Board of Directors and Head of budgeting & reporting at Madar Group for Chemicals, Egypt. In addition, Dr. Arrif has worked for More than 10-year in accounting and finance with many private sector companies, such as: Confectionery Development Industrial Company (KATAKIT), Syria.
Dr. Arrif holds Doctorate of Business Administration in management information systems issued by Tishreen University, Faculty of Economics, Syria. He focused in his Master and Doctorate on applying (MIS) in public administrations, and banks in Syria. His elaborated and comprehensive design of a decision support system specialized in developing banking credit policy, had an influence on the public administrative performance in this field.Dr. Arrif has published number of field study peppers that addressed e-government and business processes reengineering in Syria.

“ECESAO is a promising academic project aims with cooperation of well talented staff to conduct leading researches in variant economic clusters. By joining the ECESAO I hope to expand my academic experience.”

Mustafa  Nourallah

Secretary and founder

Mustafa Nourallah is an academic researcher and lecturer in Business Administration and banking. Research fields: behavioural issues related to the banking sector, mobile financial service and FinTech.

Mustafa has obtained his first doctorate degree in his home country Syria, where he has studied the service quality issues in Syrian banking sector. His thesis was the only accepted nomination from Syria to compete for the Best Doctoral Dissertation Award in Management ‎Science in the ‎Arab ‎World 2015. Mustafa taught at Tishreen University and Arab Academy for Science and Technology. In addition, he has worked with some international organizations such as UNDP, Syria. Currently, he is conducting a PhD study in Sweden.

    “I consider ‘ECESAO’ as my major aim, since I hope to have a hand in empowering communities in Arab Orient, and the Middle East in general with modern economic studies initiating a place where academics can meet and discuss. I would like to say that only science and education can finish the current issues in the region, and we all have a huge responsibility in doing that! ”

Izidin El Kalak

Board alternate and co-founder

Izidin El Kalak is currently a Lecturer in Finance at Cardiff University. Prior to that, he worked as a Lecturer at Kent Business School. He taught and conducted research at Hull Business School. He got his MSc in Financial Management from Hull Business School with a distinction, followed by a PhD in Finance focusing on the SMEs’ capital structure and credit risk modelling. Moreover, he has international teaching experience where he taught at Chinese and Mexican universities. Dr. El Kalak’s main research area includes Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), Credit Risk Modelling, Financial Risk Management, and Corporate Finance. He also conducted research on renewable energy’s investment decisions under real options approach. Dr. El Kalak is currently a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy. He is also a member of the British Accounting and Finance Association (BAFA).

“Dr. El Kalak further aim to expand his research experience to the middle-eastern markets; hence, ECESAO represents a perfect opportunity to join a leading organization with talented and passionate scholars thriving to conduct high quality research to promote a more accurate and transparent economic studies within this market thought ECESAO platform”