(JADE) project in Jordan

Entrepreneurship is gaining significant attention in the world as a whole, and in the Arab countries that seek sustainable development and economic growth in particular. Where investment companies are going to support entrepreneurs and emerging companies in a range of industry and trade, especially young entrepreneurs and
creative minds.


In Jordan, through the (JADE) project in Jordan in November 2018, the European Union launched a unique competition targeting hundreds of creative Jordanian entrepreneurs, with 13 pilot projects competing in different Jordanian cities including In Amman, Irbid, Zarqa, Karak and Aqaba, where all applicants compete with each other and then compete for the winner at the regional and international level.


Organizers, who called the start-up battle JO, hope that the series of competitions will motivate high-quality startups to find new solutions to old problems and promote economic growth. In order to ensure promising results, the contestants are keen to attract a group of experienced, experienced and trained businessmen to help young entrepreneurs propose a practical solution to the pressing challenges facing the Jordanian industry today, which will help identify, develop and expand promising new business. He urged the promotion of a culture that encourages innovation among young entrepreneurs.


The participating youth projects ranged from innovative projects in handwork and fashion, through the initiative of manufacturing and marketing of Jordanian pharmaceutical products and others targeting educational materials for children and ending with a project invented by one of the participants to discover the proportion of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. The link is the ability and efficiency to save time and effort, In addition to its ability to give distinctive solutions to the surrounding problems in the Jordanian reality.


Ala Al Qararha, Hala Alqudah, Majdi Abdalaziz, and Omar Al Talafeeh


Photo: “Four People…” by “rawpixel” is licensed under www.pexels.com

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