About us

We have the pleasure to welcome you to the European Centre for Economic Studies of the Arab Orient (ECESAO)

About us:

The European center for economics studies of the Arab orient (ECESAO)  is an independent legal person and it is registered in Sweden as a non-profit organization (61 Ideella Föreningar) under organization number 802520-1024. ECESAO was registered in 2018, but some academic projects have been managed since 2015.

ECESAO is an independent research community, which does not adopt any religious arguments, ideas or any private beliefs, takes no political attitude toward any party, movement or political activity in Arab Orient or EU countries. The centre impartiality and respectfully, considers all sophisticated views and ideas that focus on developing the economic lifetime reality of Arab Orient.

ECESAO believes in the ability of doing big dreams with volunteering activities. Thus, ECESAO does not accept donations.

Although the centre focuses on the Arab Orient and Europe, the centre aims to establish good cooperation with other scholars from different cultures In the Middle East such as Iranian, Turkish , Kurdish and other groups.


Scientific research superiority in the field of economic sciences in order to promote the reality of Arab Orient countries.


  • Contribution to submit an authentic scientific content that aims to diagnosis, analyse and propose, practical solutions for the economic problems facing Arab Orient countries.
  • Founding an academic dialogue milieu among researchers affiliated from countries of both Arab Orient and EU, in order to exchange knowledge, experiences and benefit from the results of the academic researches.


The centre is still under establishment. Therefore, the current objectives are as follows:

  • To conduct a number of refereed researches, which aim to highlight some crucial variables those play a massive role in defining the dimensions of current economic problems facing Arab Orient communities.
  • To diagnose the economic problems challenging Arab Orient region, in addition to provide the decision-makers with necessary information to take the appropriate procedures and decisions.  
  • Attempt to benefit from the successful experiences of EU countries, through studying and conditioning these prototypes to the economic lifetime reality of Arab Orient, or trying to outcome lessons and morals from these experiences.


  •     Serious presentation.  
  •     Neutrality
  •     Openness
  •     Superiority and Excellence
  •     Cooperation and sharing experiences.

The current orientation

ECESAO aims to study the main obstacles facing the entrepreneurs at Arab orient countries such as financial obstacles, in particular at countries of conflicts. Jointly, ECESAO aims to study the immigrant entrepreneurs, who moved recently from Arab orient countries to Europe. ECESAO also plans to conduct plenty of activities (conferences, workshops, seminars, and training courses) to support the young entrepreneurs in Arab orient countries

Future projects

  • Ugarit Journal of Economics, Management and IT:a semiannual-refereed journal concerned with economic and management topics of Arab Orient countries.
  • Ugarit Academy of Science and Technology: ECESAO considered as a base for more comprehensive academic vision aims to: first: establishing this academy within the virtual environment in order to provide academic programs in both Arabic and English languages. These programs are of high quality level and comparable to international universities. Second: attempting to provide many academic programs in languages of other Middle East countries such as: Turkish, Persian and Kurdish. The center believes that it is hard to build well-developed economics in Arab Orient countries without availability of the young and well qualified staff.