Women Committee

Ala Al Qararha


Women Economic Empowerment Assistant

Ala Qararha got her Bachelor degree from University of Jordan, Department of foreign languages, in French language and literature.

Previously she worked as parliamentarian assistant at The Parliament of Jordan, with the National Democratic Institute, for now she is a volunteer with European Center for Economic Studies of the Arab Orient as a women economic empowerment assistant.

She had an experience in the community and voluntary work with number of NGO’s in Jordan. Also she has many certificates in gender and women empowerment.

  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/ala-qararha-53a52852/

Bibi Mahmoud Ashour


Women Economic Empowerment Assistant

Bibi Mahmoud Ashour, a Kuwaiti citizen. Bibi is preparing a PhD degree at University of Sharjah. Post graduated from the Sharjah University with a master degree in applied sociology with a distinction of excellence. The subject of her thesis is “The marriage of Kuwaiti’s women from foreigners”. She has a higher diploma in public administration with a distinction of excellence from university of Kuwait, the same university from which she got her bachelor’s degree in social sciences. Bibi is a member of the board of a civil society organization dedicated to spreading the culture of tolerance, social coexistence, non-violence and discrimination. She participated in several conferences in social sciences and training courses in development programs for effective management and leadership, in addition to programs for empowering work in civil work organizations. She is highly interested in the idea of empowering women in leadership and decision-making positions.

For all the women of the world, be the star of your homeland, you are a strong giving person with high abilities. You met the challenges and achieved a lot and the path in front of you is clear to reach your homeland as a star” Baby Ashour

  • Linkedln:Bibi Ashour